Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I always have Phởn...

Have you ever wondered where to find a really good bowl of Phở in Oklahoma City?

There are quite a few places that serve the soup, and many of them quite good, but I generally go to Mr. Phở. Located in the Super Cao Nguyen Center (the large glass and brick building attached to the Super Cao Nguyen Supermarket) at 1133 NW 25th St, this shop is always busy at lunchtime.

Two entrances: inside & outside the Super Cao Nguyen Center

As the name would suggest, they serve Phở. They also serve Hủ tiếu (rice noodles), Mì (egg noodles), and various rice dishes. For those who do not come for the Phở, they also serve a range of specials that include choice of rice, etc. I go for the soups:

On the left, delicious phở; on the right scrumptious mì.

Prices here are very reasonable, and most of the soups are available in three sizes (the pictures above show the large, which tends to be enough for my lunch). In the background of both images, you see the plate of herbs... sometimes they give you saw-tooth herb (Eryngium foetidum). ^.^
The menus are bilingual Vietnamese & English (well translated), the staff is very friendly, their front window opens on the giant teapot fountain, and the food is great. They open at 10 am.

There! You've no excuses not to visit!

Many appologies if my computer refuses to use the correct characters. And again, I have no affiliation with this shop (besides the fact that I eat here quite often indeed).

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