Monday, July 6, 2009

Dim Sum in Oklahoma City

If you like traditional Chinese cooking, Grand House is the restaurant for you! Located at 2701 North Classen Blvd, in Okc, it has been a good food standard for years. Every weekend from 9 am to 3 pm, Grand House serves an amazing array of Dim Sum to their adoring fans.

Standard Fare
Ahhh, Grand House, let me count the ways: 1 squid curry; 2 steamed pork buns; 3 delicious dumplings; 4 roast duck; 5....

In reality, it's hard to find something about Grand House I don't like... No, wait, I don't like their chicken feet. I think they're steamed, then batter deep-fried, then stewed...? If it weren't for the bones, I'd be hard pressed to identify them as chicken feet at all. Not at all like Duk Hing's chicken feet (more on them in a later post).  2010 CORRECTION: I had not tried the chicken feet at Grand House for several years, having disliked this dish the last time I tried it. On January the 3rd, 2010, I tried it again, and was surprised to find that it was different from my memory.  Thought still unlike Duk Hing's fare, Grand House's chicken feet are no longer battered and stewed, but rather simmered in a mixture of garlic and broths; it was quite unexpected and fairly tasty.
...I can now say in all honesty that Grand House serves nothing I don't like.  (PS: Try their congee!)

If you decide to sample of Grand House's wares, try to aim for before noon, as around that time the mob begins to form and you can expect some wait. You can make a reservation too. Lots of birthday balloons do not seem to be a problem either.

Did I mention the desserts? Sure there's the Dessert Cart (I highly recommend the flan), but there's also the desserts you can buy at any time:

Just inside the door, on the left.
Drop in and buy a chocolate mouse for that special someone in your life, or cheesecake and tiramisù for those that do not like mice.

I am in no way affiliated with Grand House, I just love eating here.

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