Sunday, September 27, 2009

GAC, LLC, Est.

Over the last few weeks I've been heavily involved with a firm of wee folk, the Gingerbread Artisan Company, LLC, Est., in the creation of a gingerbread house. True, most gingerbread houses do not warrant a full construction crew, but this house (or "haus," as they prefer to call it) is to be an entrant in the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show at the Tulsa State Fair this next weekend.

Rather than bake entire slabs of gingerbread and cement them together into a lifeless box, akin to modern pre-fab buildings of today, I have decided to enter a construction with a bit more character. I enjoy the art of timber-frame construction, and several books on the subject got me thinking... "I'm going to need some really tiny woodworkers..."

Enter GAC, LLC, Est.

They have a wonderful work ethic and know where to find the gingerbread trees.

After using an adze to shape the gingerbread logs (left), the logs are cut to sizes manageable to manuver (right).
I had to provide various tools for the Artisans to use, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves! The mortar they used was a mix of walnut flavouring, red and green food colourings, powdered sugar, water, and the bark from the cinnamon trees cut to provide the logs.

Construction proceeded as layer by layer, the logs were fitted together in a design inspired by The Foxfire Book (I lent them my copy).

Once the roof's beams were set into place, roofing proceeded quickly and efficiently.
I would like to invite everyone to the Tulsa State Fair, and specifically the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show! Show up on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 for fun and sugar! Bring your camera!
There, you can view the completed log cabin (and more photographs of its construction) as well as other confectionary constructs submitted by the author (and a great many other constructions submitted by real professionals). :)
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